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The LC State Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) supports the personal and intellectual growth of faculty in the pursuit of teaching excellence, inclusive practices, 服务, and professional development.  

Nominate your colleague for an 研讨会 Award

We work among some amazing teachers. The Everyday Teaching Excellence Award allows any faculty or staff member to recognize the everyday acts of teaching excellence that we observe on our campus. Please nominate one (or more) of your excellent colleagues for this recognition. You can nominate someone by emailing their name, division, and a description of their excellence to [email protected], or you can use 这种形式. Please feel free to conceptualize “teaching” broadly, since teaching happens both inside and outside the classroom.

Current award winners


Established in 2014 by now retired LC President Tony Fernández, the CTL offers workshops, discussion groups, 读书俱乐部, and faculty inquiry. Workshops and other events are open to all faculty and staff who teach. They are welcoming, growth-minded and assume that you the teacher brings singular and irreplaceable expertise to the table. We value you, your story and your time!


You are invited to CTL events!

Head over to the calendar to see upcoming workshops and other events for faculty and staff who teach.


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You can find more information about sabbaticals, tenure and promotion, the Annual Research Symposium, Professional Development 奖助金, and awards at the Provost's Office Webpage.

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