LC State welding technology students standing behind the bench they built at Hells Gate State Park


焊接技术 students replace benches at Hells Gate State Park

刘易斯顿, Idaho – During his trail walks at Hells Gate Start Park, Lonny Gehring noticed the wood benches along the paths that were installed almost 20 years ago had really deteriorated. Rather than call the Army Corps of Engineers office to complain, the Lewis-Clark State College professor in welding technology saw an opportunity.

So when he called the Corps’ office, he offered to help them by having his students build new benches and install them.

“The person I talked with was kind of in shock,格林说. “他们最后说,‘天哪. 那太棒了!’”

Gehring made it a class project by supplying the blueprints and the materials for the project, and having the students do the rest, 包括测量, 减少, and weld the metal benches, which will hold up better than the old wood benches.

Michael Dow of Moscow and Alexandrah Crow of Boise, both wrapping up their first year in the welding program, were among the students who were paired up to work on the project. They said it took about a week to work on the frames and get everything ready in the LC State welding shop. The students then hauled the frames, seating and other parts to the park, and then packed it about a half mile up the trail to different locations. The students then completed the installation.

LC State 焊接技术 Students

“Some aspects of the project were challenging but it was a good overall learning experience,道说。, who wants to eventually become a traditional blacksmith and make knives. “We got the opportunity to put what we have learned to use.”

总共, they installed four benches and Gehring said next year’s class will replace and install the final four benches.

Gehring said the Corps allowed the students to pick the color of the benches and make nearly all of the decisions during the process. He said once they decided on the powder coat, they tried to have it be an earth-tone tan color to match its surroundings. The benches have a hammer metal finish texture, which better hides dings and scratches. Custom Coat in Lewiston did the powder coating for the benches.

“It was nice to get outside and do something that will be lasting,乌鸦说, who is interested in piping and fabrication and also is pursuing a business degree. “It’s nice knowing that we helped the community.

The students said they were surprised the project took as long as it did. They originally thought they could do it in a day, but quickly realized there was more work involved. Gehring said the students realized they had to make sure they were efficient and do it exactly right without making a mistake because, 在某种意义上, this was a project for a customer rather than just some random thing they were working on in the shop.

“They had to use their thought process and make sure their measurements and 减少s were right so it was good for them,格林说. “It was a little different for them because with a customer, time and money involved you want to be efficient, but you also want to be safe.”

今年春天早些时候, the students also helped with some projects at the Rotary Park in Lewiston, 就在展望大道旁边.

“It’s good for the students to be involved in the community,格林说.

LC State offers a two-year associate degree and a one-year certificate in welding technology. For more information on the 焊接技术 program at LC State, visit its 网站.

LC State Welding Students


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