I'm Already Admitted

Congratulations! We are so excited to have you as a part of our Warrior family! LC State is a caring place that will offer you support and helpful resources, 所以,不要犹豫,伸出援手吧. 我们想帮助你成功!


Applicants who have submitted all required application materials, 包括最终成绩单, are fully admitted.

For more information on Full/Regular Admission, please see our Admissions Standards.



In order to find out more about what to submit, you can check your application status. For more information on Tentative Admission, please see our Admissions Standards.

If an applicant does not qualify for regular admission, 申请人如符合下列其中一项条件,可获考虑临时录取:

1. Proof of high school graduation with less than a 2.0 cumulative GPA, or

2. 毕业于局认可机构认可的中学,但尚未完成 核心课程, or

3. 没有从委员会认可的机构认可的中学毕业, 包括在家接受教育的学生, 并且在普通教育发展(GED)考试中有可接受的表现(标准成绩为600分), 500 on 2002-2013 test, 或2002年之前的50), or another standardized diagnostic test accepted by the institution, or

4. Deserves consideration by the institution because of special status (e.g,, 弱势或少数族裔学生, 延迟入学学生, returning veterans, or gifted and talented students wishing to enter college early).


如获临时接纳, 学生将以临时身份入学,并保留学院成绩. 临时录取的学生在满意地修满14个学士学位学分后可以转为正式录取, 12 credits of which must be general education courses while maintaining a 2.0 GPA. 必须在三个注册期内(不包括暑期班)取得正式入学资格。, or the student will be moved to non-degree seeking status, limited to 11 credits per semester and not be eligible for financial aid; subject to Petition Committee appeal procedures.

To learn more about 临时录取, please see our Admissions Standards.

转学生或返校学生, 根据我们的录取标准或以前学校的学术成绩不符合常规录取资格的申请人将被临时录取.

To remain a full-time student, you will need to attain a 2.在LC州立大学所有课程的平均绩点为0.

Failure to do so will result in academic suspension.

*You may also be tentatively admitted, so check your application status 看看还有什么可以提交的.

To learn more about 试用的承认, please see our Admissions Standards.


如何申请延期入学? Go to your Be a Warrior 在入学申请或补充项目上点击“申请延期” & Documents tab.

  • 被拒绝入学或入学文件不完整的学生不符合延期入学资格. 必须提交新的申请.
  • 如果你已经被完全录取,我们将把你的状态改为暂定录取. 这将允许我们检查您是否在延期期间在不同的学院/大学注册.

Contact the Admissions Office 如果有任何问题,请拨打208-792-2378.

What's Next?

Check LCMail regularly!

不同的部门和办公室会联系你,告诉你即将发生的事情, activities, and deadlines.


Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

即使你认为你不太可能有资格获得基于需求的援助,申请仍然是一个好主意. 如果你完成了FAFSA,并将在秋季学期开始就读LC州立大学, you'll receive a financial aid notification in early spring, If you will start attending LC State in the fall semester, you'll receive a financial aid notification in early winter. 这些通知将指导您查看和接受您的经济援助计划 WarriorWeb.

  • Priority deadline (fall semester start): March 1st
  • Priority deadline (spring semester start): November 1st

Submit a scholarship application through the scholarship portal

LC州立提供访问各种各样的 scholarships 包括院校奖学金, 州外学费奖学金/豁免, 以及外部融资机会. 奖学金适用于各个专业, minority students, first-year students, transfer students, 非传统学生.

  • 优先截止日期:3月1日


Students generally have two weeks to return offer letters before aid is canceled.

  • Log onto WarriorWeb.
  • Print the Award Letter Checklist and use it as a guide.
  • 你的获奖信需要在两周内签署并提交给财政援助办公室.

For more information on the above processes, contact the Financial Aid Office at [email protected] or (208) 792-2224.

Pay for college

Visit our 学生帐户服务 website to view payment options and important dates and deadlines. For more information, please contact 学生帐户服务 at [email protected] or (208) 792-2790.

学生可以住在校内或校外. On-campus housing and assignments are based on the date deposits are received. There is a housing application that will need to be submitted if you would like to live on-campus. 一旦校内宿舍住满,学生可以继续申请,并被列入候补名单. Visit the Residence Life site to learn about on-campus and some off-campus options.

If you have questions about housing, please contact Residence Life at [email protected] or (208) 792-2053.

First-Year Students

**Remember to send final transcripts if you have been tentatively admitted.

新的LC学生需要注册参加 STAR (学生咨询和注册)让你选择第一学期的课程.

如果您已被录取,但尚未收到STAR的电子邮件,请联系 The Advising Center at 208-792-2313.


**Remember to send final transcripts if you have been tentatively admitted.

You will meet with an advisor before you register for your courses. To find out who your advisor is you will need to reach out to your division. 

How to Register:

  1. 一定要清空所有的船舱. 学生持有(图书馆,保安等).)将不获准许登记.
  2. 与你的学术顾问见面. 一旦你得到建议, 您的指导老师将“释放”一个电子hold,允许您访问Web注册.
  3. Log on to WarriorWeb 并填写注册条件.
  4. 无障碍学生计划 WarriorWeb.

If you experience technical difficulty (logins, passwords, etc.) contact the Helpdesk at 208-792-2231. If you have concerns regarding content (credits, courses, etc.), contact the 注册主任及纪录办事处 at [email protected] or 208-792-2223.

Non-Degree Students

一旦你被录取, 你可以在公开注册期间注册,只要你已经满足了你想要注册的课程的先决条件. You should receive an email with instructions on how to register. 你不需要参加STAR(学生咨询和注册)会议, 不过我非常欢迎你这么做.

Please contact The Advising Center at 208-792-2313 if you have questions or would like to schedule a STAR session.

Your next step is to enroll in classes through WarriorWeb. 以下是如何开始:

  1. Call the Registrar’s Office at 208-792-2223 to activate your non-degree program.
  2. Log in to WarriorWeb.
  3. 点击学生菜单.
  4. Under Academics, click on Student Planning and Registration.
  5. 应该会打开一个新窗口, 点击屏幕左上角的“学生计划”,然后选择“注册条件”.
  6. 在注册课程之前,您需要通读并完成注册条件.

If you experience technical difficulty (logins, passwords, etc.) contact the Helpdesk at 208-792-2231. If you have concerns regarding content (credits, courses, etc.), contact the 注册主任及纪录办事处 at [email protected] or 208-792-2223.

迎新活动的目的是确保你得到你需要的信息,使你顺利和成功地过渡到我们的校园社区. At orientation we want you to be informed and welcomed into the Warrior family!

Check out our 新生迎新 更多资讯网址.


Your Be a Warrior 帐户帮助你成为一个学生. You use it to apply, 跟踪你的申请, and upload supplemental items 比如成绩单和考试成绩.

WarriorWeb is your source for online student records and course information. 你可以搜索和注册课程, print your schedule, determine your financial aid status and accept financial aid, check your grades, 查看成绩单, and much more!

On the 奖学金及豁免书 page you will find a link to the Scholarship Portal. 奖学金门户网站是奖学金图书馆和奖学金申请的所在地. 一旦你被录取 and received your Student ID number, you can create an account and submit a scholarship application. 您还需要访问您的LCMail帐户,以便完成奖学金门户帐户的设置. The application is accessible to all incoming and continuing LC State students.

LCMail 学生电子邮件系统是否由G Suite提供支持. All students are given LCMail email accounts upon admission. 一旦你被录取, you will want to be sure you are checking your LCMail account regularly, since it is the official means of communication with students.  

LeapFile 发送敏感文件安全吗 比如成绩单和考试成绩. 

LeapFile Instructions:
Select Admissions

Talkington Hall.  Three story brick building, with sun shinning behind it.


Residence Life is the office to visit to apply for housing with LC State. 参观一下不同的大厅吧, get answers to all your questions about living in the dorms, 并找出膳食计划的选择.


Welcome New Students!

Welcome to LC State! We've got a lot planned for 新生迎新. You'll receive valuable tools and information to kick off your LC State career.


这是一个广义的时间轴. While some deadlines are hard deadlines, others are just suggested.


  • Oct 1: The FAFSA 可以提交 (优先截止日期:3月1日)





  • 如果被录取,报名参加 STAR 注册课程
    • 课程注册前需要进行分班考试(ACT/SAT或ALEKS数学考试和写作分班考试).
  • 确保你的录取文件和 FAFSA are complete (优先截止日期:3月1日)



  • Sign and return financial aid offer letters to the Financial Aid office
  • Ensure your housing application has been submitted
  • Check your LCMail regularly
  • Check your WarriorWeb account regularly


  • Return any new financial aid offer letters to the Financial Aid Office
  • Continue to check LCMail regularly


  • Attend a STAR 并注册秋季课程
  • Continue to check LCMail regularly


  • Roommate assignments are sent out for on-campus residents
  • 将最终成绩单发送到招生办公室
  • Continue to check LCMail regularly




  • 8月8日:秋季申请截止日期(确保提交所有申请材料)
  • 8月18日:宿舍入住日
  • Aug 20: 新生迎新
  • 第一天的秋季学期(见完整 Academic Calendar)
  • 每学期第5天之前缴交的费用

这是一个广义的时间轴. While some deadlines are hard deadlines, others are just suggested.



  • Attend STAR (学生咨询和注册)或与您的指导老师见面注册春季课程



  • 1月8日:春季申请截止日期(确保提交所有申请材料)
  • 新生迎新
  • 春季学期第一天(见全文) Academic Calendar)
  • 每学期第5天之前缴交的费用


Warrior Wisdom


You will sign into WarriorWeb 然后选择“学生”菜单. 在下一页的“学术”标题下,你会发现“录取状态和录取通知书”链接, 这是“学术”列表中的最后一个链接. 如果你有多个录取通知书,你可以选择你想看的. Your most recent acceptance letter will be at the bottom.

与招生办公室联系,电话:208-792-2378或 [email protected] 如果您有问题或需要帮助.

如果您有特定于您和您的LC州立申请的问题,请联系 Admissions Office at [email protected] or (208) 792-2210 or (208) 792-2378 or directly from the 招生专家 page.